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Pilates Reformer for Weight Loss: Get in Shape Fast!


In the early 20th century a German-American physical trainer named Joseph Pilates came up with a new form of exercise which revolutionized the idea of “working out” by depicting it as an art. “An art of controlled movements” as he liked to call it. “Pilates” also known as “Contrology” is an art of endorsing the use of the mind to control muscles. However, Pilates Reformer for weight loss is gaining more and more heat every day.

Reformed Pilates for weight loss is a form of Pilates that requires the use of a “Pilates Reformer Machine.” As opposed to mat Pilates, it is more dynamic, requires more strength and thus more fruitful in pursuit of weight loss. 

Pilates Reformer
Pilates Reformer

Luckily, all of you fitness lovers out there would love this weight loss technique. It will help you to get better posture, better muscle strength and lean muscle structure, and many more.

However, its effectiveness towards maintaining healthy body weight is what made it popular. So, we’ll talk about all there is to know about Pilates reformer.

Let’s begin!

Pilates Benefits: A Great Way to Lose Weight

I really don’t know where to start. But let’s try and make a shortlist, shall we?

  • Great Way to Lose Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can be complicated. It’s not just a matter of losing more calories than gaining. Hormonal and genetic issues are related too.

Maintaining a Pilates routine for weight loss can not only help the healthy toning of muscles, but it also helps gain a healthier mind. Yes, Pilates is also a mental exercise to bring the body and mind together. It helps to make you better understand your body, which needless to say, makes your weight loss journey smoother.

  • Improves Core Body Strength

Pilates helps improve core body strength. It gives strength without heavy muscles and also improves flexibility. It is also known to improve spinal strength.

  • Reliefs Back pain

All Pilates exercises involve the muscles of your back. It not just gives you a backside with a great build but also helps with back pain. Pilates improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure, which has a passive effect on back pain. Unfortunately, I have no hard data to support this, but there are cases where the patients who would vouch for the fact that Pilates helped them with their back pain.

  • Gives you excellent posture

Pilates improves your posture by helping your underdeveloped muscles grow stronger. It also makes you leaner.

  • Adapts to Your Level

Pilates exercises can be adjusted to each practitioner’s diversified needs. It is perfect for people of all ages and physical structures and can be customized to match their exact needs.

  • Improves Your Mental Health

Pilates evidently helps with stress and anxiety. It has a calming effect on the mind and makes you more comfortable with your body. It can also improve your power of thinking and memory.

  • Gives Better Metabolism   

Pilates exercise can ensure better digestion of food. It not only reduces muscle tension but also ensures regular secretion of vital fluids.

Well, the above mentioned are just the core benefits of Pilates. It also helps in pre and post-pregnancy by improving pelvic alignment. It also helps with lung capacity, a better sex life, better understanding your body, knowing the strength and weakness of your body, etc. The list goes on.

Pilates Reformer for Weight Loss

Why use a Pilates Reformer? Well, why shouldn’t you? Pilates reformer benefits can be only be defined as unlimited. It was originally designed to teach the participants the correct way to perform an exercise. Because to be honest when it comes to Pilates, you do it right, or you don’t do it! It may sound bold, but the inventor himself put such emphasis on this matter. For starters, if you are trying Pilates at home, a reformer is your best shot at getting the desired result. The magnitude of reformer Pilates is higher than Mat Pilates.

Pilates Reformer for Weight Loss

Structure of a Pilates Reformer Machine

The Machine may vary in design and structure but consists mainly of a carriage, some springs, and some stripes. The horizontal platform which slides along the frame is called The Carriage. This is used as a platform to support the user as he or she lies, stands, sits, or kneels while performing an exercise.

The carriage is attached to some springs which help to maintain the required tension and thus controls the potent and stability of the action. There are some springs attached that help to stretch hands and legs at the desired intensity.

There is a spring bar or a gear bar where the springs of different intensity are attached and can be used in different combinations according to your needs. Some machines also come with a head and shoulder rest, which should be removable as it is convenient for some exercises.

Pilates Reformer At Home

To try Pilates exercises for weight loss at home, you may surf the tutorials on the internet for a better understanding of the idea. There are 34core sets of exercises in traditional Mat Pilates.

Pilates Reformer At Home

However, as a beginner, you are very likely to find some of them too difficult for you. Don’t worry. Pilates workout for weight loss can be designed to fit a wide range of participants. There is no strict routine to be followed in this case because it should be adjusted to the level of different individuals.

Remember These before Starting a Weight Loss Journey

If you are under the impression that Pilates exercise routines for weight loss can make you lose weight like the other cardio exercises do, prepare to be disappointed.

Pilates helps weight loss greatly, but it needs to be perceived that an unhealthy eating habit may make the whole pursuit fruitless. Pilates exercises for weight loss require healthy and controlled eating habits.

Yes, Doing Pilates workouts do burn calories. But you have to remember that it was originally designed to increase core body strength and improve posture.

So if you intend to reap the benefits of this magical workout system, then you must maintain a routine. Pilates has to be performed daily or as frequently as suited for you. In a word, the presence of ‘diligence’ is a must.

Make a Diet Plan

To reap the best Pilates reformer benefits, a diet plan is a must. A Pilates Weight Loss Program can consist of numerous routines and sets to match with different needs of the performer. Similarly, individuals should get his or her exclusive eating schedule matched to his or her physical condition and suitable for his or her Pilates routine for weight loss.

The general norms can be taken into consideration while making a diet chart. It’s best not to eat within one hour before your Pilates workout, and it’s not advised to start with a starving stomach. You should not miss the meal before your work out session.

For example, if you have a Pilates session at 11 am, you can’t afford to miss breakfast. You may consider taking some whole-grain cereal, eggs, sprouts, and a cup of green tea sweetened with honey. You may also consider a smoothie containing your favored items in your favored proportions.

Make a Diet Plan

Oatmeal is always a good option. But you may also consider Sports bars, nuts, and fruits according to your appetite.  You get the drift, right?

Keep yourself hydrated at all times. You may drink a large glass an hour before the session and small sips during the session. In this case, I’d say water is the best option. Nonetheless, there are other opinions about this.

Some swear by the pre-workout smoothies whereas some say it makes them uncomfortable as there is a ‘sloshing’ feeling in their stomachs when performing abdominal exercises.

However, it’s safe to say that nothing is better than to follow the advice of a dietitian as every physique has its own complex set of needs.

Thinking Of Buying Pilates Reformer?

If you are new to this and thinking of buying Pilates Reformer for weight loss, then there are some facts to bring under consideration.

The economic aspect kept aside; there are issues like –

  • Which foot bar and spring bar system is best?
  • Which carriage slide to chose?
  • Are the head and shoulder rest removable? 
  • What is the frame made of?
  • Is it durable enough
  • Is the height of the frame appropriate for your needs?
  • Which additional accessories would you like to buy?
  • Which brands have the best review?

While searching for the answers, rather than just relying on the online reviews, you might want to consider taking the opinion of an expert or a friend who has experience in this field.

Final Thoughts

For almost half a century, it is believed that the positive changes from Pilates can actually change a person’s life!  Numerous people who have told their Pilates weight loss stories and vouched for its revolutionizing impact on their lives.

When you are performing Pilates on a mat, your body provides both the resistance and the balance. However, on a reformer, the resistance from the springs can provide you with extra support and not to mention extra challenge!

The exercise possibilities on a reformer cannot really be numbered. It helps people from all different groups, from athletes to people with injuries, from an orthopedic patient to a mom looking for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. So, if you’ve had thoughts about starting Pilates workout for weight loss, don’t rethink it. Just Start!

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