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Stretch Denim Capris: Comfort All The Way

Stretch Denim Capris

Although they look super cute, still styling stretch denim capris can get really hard. To be honest they aren’t the best jeans to pull off any style. That’s why many women have given up or given up on capris altogether, even though they are extremely comfortable to wear.

If you are one of them you’ve come to the right place today. We’ll be giving you pointers on how to use your Capri pants and how can be fashionable with them.

Ladies Stretch Denim Capris: How to Wear Them Right 

When it comes to Capri pants there are certain rules that you should follow if you want to look the part. This way you’ll be able to pull off any fashion style you want.

  • Not Too Long:

    Not too long or too short, it has to be the right size. If they get too long then it would be slacks and too short would make them shorts, not capris. So, what do you think is the perfect length? The best length would be to let it rest on the calf. It’s the exact mid-point between your ankle and knee.
Stretch Denim Capris
  • Not Too Tight:

When you’re going for Capri jeans you can either go for a skinny or a loose-fitting. However, capris don’t really come with a skinny fit, it just snuggles right with your skin. This is one of the best parts of these pants. The highest level of tightness you can afford is going semi-tight. But ultra-tightness won’t make your legs look good. That’s why avoid wearing a skinny fit.

  • Choose Your Best Design:

Not every Capri pants will suit you. Back in the old days, these were only available in one simple color: Khaki. However, that scenario is long gone now. Nowadays denim capris come in different colors to match your style. You can also pick up some designer accessories along with it. Some capris have laces on them, some have different patterns. If you loved the original look you can go with that too. Basically, it totally depends on you and your taste.

stretch denim capris
  • Right Accessory is the Key:

    Did you know choosing the wrong accessories to complement your Capri can make it look more horrible? Yes, accessories do matter when it comes to dressing up.
    If it’s hot out just put on a tank top with your awesome Capri pants. It’s a perfect combo that literally can’t go wrong.
    Feeling a bit chilly? Pair your Capri jeans with a long-sleeved shirt. Not only would the style make you look out of the world, but you’ll also be comfortable. Regular belts would be fine with your pants.
    As far as other stuff goes, like shoes, it doesn’t really matter. The important part is to stay casual. You can do that by using a heel and a sneaker. So, just go with the one you prefer the most. Although a nice pair of sandals can make your casual look more structured than usual.
    Also, lose the sandals and switch them up with high boots during the winter season.

Why Are Capri Jeans On The Latest Trend?

There are some good reasons why these pants are so in sync with fashion. Want to know? Check them out!

  • The ultimate Capri look actually is pretty eye-catching.
  • They can give out two different vibes; Geeky and Playful.
  • With the right type of top, you can easily turn them into sexy pants.
  • If you have a curvy figure, they’ll complement it really well. Nothing beats denim Capris when it comes to curves.
  • Makes lace-up shoes go perfectly with them. Lace-up shoes are also the latest craze in the fashion industry.
  • Adds up a fun vibe in every outfit style.
  • Great summer wear for women keeps you cool.

What Are Stretch Denim Capris?

Stretch jeans or capris are a type of pants that are made from stretch denim fabrics. This fabric is a new type of denim with a special quality to stretch to a good amount. Different brands use this fiber to make elastic-type denim pants that work more like shapewear.

Stretch capris usually have only 1-3% elasticity. 

Though these capris may look like regular ones, they can add more flexibility to your overall style. These are usually more fitting than regular day-to-day jeans.

Ladies Stretch Denim Capris: Who Are They For?

There’s no specific body type when it comes to stretch capris. You can use them as regular jeans or you can look for a pair that complements your body type. The best way to do this is to see whether the stretch factor works for you or not.

If your size is in between two official sizes then go for the smaller size. After using the pants a few times, they will loosen up and be the size you wanted. But before that, try it out and sit down to see if it gets too tight or not.

If it’s too tight then go with the higher size.

Ladies Stretch Denim Capris

Stretch Quality 

If you go for a quality product you should know how much stretch that pant will contain. Usually, the percentage ranges from 1-3%. So, let’s see what happens in each case.

1% Stretch: This is the minimal level of stretch required to give you the necessary comfort and flexibility. It also holds up the shape together.

2% Stretch: This one comes with enough flexibility to comfortably sit and walk. It also complements your curves.

3-4% Stretch: Will feel softer on the skin and provide a higher level of comfort.

Color and Pattern of the Style

  • Neutral Color: Capris with neutral colors work best for every style. Go with white, gray, taupe, blue, and black. When choosing a top make sure it’s full of bright colors. This will typically give the capris a new and fresh look.
Capri pants
  • Mix Up Colors: If you go with bright-colored Capri and a bright-colored top, you should be a bit careful. Sometimes it can get pretty intense. To avoid overdoing it, choose a white top with a red Capri and a pair of black heels.
Ladies Stretch Denim Capris
  • Avoid Large Prints: capris don’t go that well with large patterns. If you are in the smaller body frame then go with small patterns or no patterns. 
Ladies Stretch Denim Capris

Are Capri Pants Suited For Winter?

You can wear Capri pants in winter, but to make sure you don’t freeze to death, use high boots. Although it would be much easier to go for winter wear instead of sticking to capris. You can style up using capris during summer.

This way you won’t have to put too much thought into the footwear during winter. As Capri pants are cropped, choosing the right footwear can be tricky. That’s why you’ll only be stuck with one type of footwear; the high boots.

Stretch Denim Capris

Can You Use Capris for Business Casual Style?

Yes, you can. However, it entirely depends on your style. However, a calf-length might not be suited for the office environment. Rather go for a longer length and lose the skinniness of the pant.

Just makes sure the pants aren’t too loose because that would also be work inappropriate. You can wear a shirt or a beautiful top to complete this look.

Ladies Stretch Denim Capris

Is There Any Difference between Jeggings and Stretch Denim Jeans?

Stretch denim is made of mostly denim fabric with a tiny amount of elastane. This same style is also followed by many other different cuts such as boot cut, boyfriend, etc.

On the other side, Jeggings are just leggings made to look like denim pants. It has nothing to do with capris or even has any similarities.

Some leggings have very little denim fabric or light denim fabric mixed with a greater amount of Spandex. But mostly, jeggings are made of cotton or another stretchy material that has zero percentage of denim in it.

So, you see these are structurally different than each other.

How to Care for Ladies Stretch Denim Capris

Now that you have one, it’s time for you to take care of your beloved pant. Every stretch pants have to be taken care of, otherwise, they lose their elasticity and become useless. To maintain its shape follow these rules:

  • First of all, check out the labels to see what indication or instruction the manufacturer gave you.
  • Never, we repeat, never machine washes any capris that are labeled for dry cleaning only.
  • During washing never use hot water. Hot waters will eventually ruin the elastic flavor of your Capri pants. Use cold water every time.
  • If you have spare time, then hand wash your jeans. You can mild detergents to properly clean them.
  • Don’t ever use any type of denim fabric or chlorine bleach on your Capris. It can ruin their texture forever. 
  • Don’t dry your capris in the dries, instead, line dry them outside. The heat from the drier damages the fibers and makes your Capri jeans lose their color and elasticity.

Now that you know all about Capri jeans, we’re pretty sure you won’t ever have a styling problem with these again. Looking for a new pair? Why don’t you check our collection? We never compromise on our quality.

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