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Wash Jeans Inside Out: Take Care of Your Jeans

Wash Jeans Inside Out

How much do you know about cleaning jeans? We know you love your jeans. It makes you look better. A clean pair of jeans most certainly will boost your confidence. But do you really know every essential information about cleaning jeans? Are your jeans getting the right favor from you? Well, read this article and you will know if you know everything about cleaning jeans.

Here, We’re giving you detailed information which will cover every important aspect of cleaning jeans. Read them!

Wash Jeans Inside Out

Wash Jeans Inside Out: Avoid These Common Mistakes

We make some common mistakes while washing jeans. These tiny mistakes make your jeans look older and fader.

  • Inside Out
    Garment products especially jeans rub against each other and make the color fade away. No matter how good your washing machine is or how good detergent you use, if you wash them right side out they will fade for sure! So, wash jeans inside out to protect color. Make sure you zip all the zippers and fasten all buttons as well.
  • Stuff Many Pairs Together
    Many of us put too many clothes together in a washer. This is not a good thing. Putting too many garments in the washer will save your time but it will fade your jeans. As jeans rub each other, there is a good chance that your jeans may get torn. Make sure you do not stuff many jeans together.
  • Not Using a Color-Preserving Detergent
    Not using a color-preserving detergent is a common mistake. The special detergents that are made to preserve dark colors have necessary ingredients which help fabrics to hold onto the color. It also deactivates chlorine in the water which can fade the color. So, buying the best detergent for jeans that protects color is totally worth it.
  • Choosing wrong Cycles
    If you wash your jeans more often, the color may fade away soon. So choose washing machine jeans cycles carefully. Use cold water unless your jeans are particularly dirty. Gently wash your jeans if you want your jeans to look new. Use a low temperature to wash your jeans.
  • Dry Them for a Long Time
    If you dry jeans in the dryer machine jeans for a long time, they may get over-dried. As fabrics shrink if over-dried, make sure you take out the jeans from the dryer slightly damp. Put them on a hanger and let them dry naturally. You can select line drying to preserve the fabrics of your jeans.

What Are the Best Detergents for Jeans?

There are many detergents in the market for washing jeans. Let’s see some of the best detergents for jeans.

  1. Stain Removing Liquid Detergent
    It is effective to remove heavy stains like ketchup. This denim detergent can be used with all kinds of jeans. It also boosts the color of your jeans.
best detergent for jeans

2. Dark Wash Jeans Color Protector
This type of denim detergent is a color protector. It will protect the color of your jeans even after many washes. It is formulated for dark-wash jeans and to protect the color of the denim.

denim detergent Wash Jeans Inside Out

3. Detergent with No Fragrance
This type of detergent is free of synthetic fragrance. It is formulated to protect your jeans from fading color. This is also free of optical brighteners and colors.

4. Cold Water Detergent

This denim detergent provides a better result in cold waters. It captures the chlorine from the water which can fade the color of the jeans.

denim detergent

5. Fabrics Softener
This fabric’s softener denim detergent protects the denim fibers. It also makes your jeans look new. Now that you know different types of detergents, you can choose the best detergents for jeans according to color.

Fabrics Softener denim detergent

Washing Black Jeans: How to Make Them Last Long  

The black jeans cleaning process is the same as any other color of denim. However, some extra care can be taken for dark wash jeans. Fading may be very noticeable in dark jeans. So, make them inside out while washing. Do not dry them for a long time in the dryer machine jeans.

And do not put them into direct sunlight while drying them naturally. Keep them in a shade. Make sure the detergents you use are color protected. The most important thing about dark wash jeans is, do not wash them with other color denim. You can dark-wash jeans in every 5/6 wear.

Cleaning Specific Stains on Jeans

Some stains may be very tough to clean. But here is the solution to clean some common types of stains.

  • Grass Stains
    You can rub the stained area with liquid detergent to remove grass or mud-stained before putting them into the washing machine. To protect your jeans you can use mild detergents.
  • Liquid Paints
    Use cold water to scour the stained area before it dries. Make sure you wash out all the stained areas before putting them in a washer.
  • Chocolate Stains
    To clean the chocolate stains put your jeans in the refrigerator so that it hardens fast. Then scrape off the stains with a knife. Use biological detergents to wash the jeans as it will help to clean the chocolate stains.  

Hand Washing Jeans

Hand washing is maybe the gentlest way to clean your jeans. It prevents jeans from fading. No matter what color your jeans are, you can hand-wash them all. To hand wash your jeans you need a color-protecting detergent, some rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cleaner, and a tub. The most common hand-washing technique is:

  • Firstly, pour some cold or lukewarm water into a tub. Too hot water can harm your jeans.
  • Secondly, add some detergent according to the instruction given in the packet.
  • Make your jeans inside out and pour them into the tub and soak for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Scour the jeans under running water so that the detergent and the dirt are washed out.

Machine Jeans Washing

wash jeans inside out

It is best that you clean your jeans by hand. But that is a hell lot of work to do. Washing jeans with machines may be a practical solution. Here are the basic instructions for cleaning jeans using a machine:

  • Firstly, choose a gentle cycle in the machine for washing jeans.
  • Then, use mild detergents to clean the jeans.
  • Make sure you wash jeans inside out.  
  • Make sure all your jeans are the same color.

Dry Cleaning Your Jeans

Dry cleaning jeans would be very costly and time-consuming. But it keeps your jeans almost new and protects them from fading. In the dry cleaning process, you have to use color-protecting chemicals to protect the dyes from fading and to keep them in good shape.

So, dry cleaning makes sure that your jeans are fully fresh and in good shape. The color is all the same as well. It makes your jeans look new.

Sand Washing Jeans

Surprisingly there is a way to clean your jeans naturally. Take your jeans to the sea. The salt from the sea will clean all the dirt of your jeans and there will be no bacteria as well. While drying them in the open air, take some sand and rub them against your jeans.

Though it sounds crazy, it works. It cleans dirt from your jeans.  It is not the most conventional way, but you can wash your raw jeans using this method.

How to Dry Jeans

The most obvious and natural way of drying jeans is to dry them in the open air. It does not let the dryer affect the color of the jeans. But make sure you do not put them in direct sunlight. Always use a shade to protect the color. The open air will provide your jeans with a nice scent. Make sure you peg the jeans in layers.

Some Vital Tips for Washing a Pair of Jeans

Here are some essential tips that you should know how to clean your jeans.

  • Adjust the Right Settings
    You have to adjust the right settings in your washing machine to clean your jeans. Otherwise, the color of your jeans may fade away. Select a gentle level so that your jeans are properly cleaned and the color is not faded. Check your jeans’ labels. So that you know all the necessary information about your jeans provided by the manufacturer.
  • Wash Them With Care
    I know you love your jeans very much. So wash your jeans with care. Use only the best detergent for jeans. There are different types of detergents based on the denim color and type, use them. While hand-washing jeans, rub them gently. Dry jeans properly. Make sure your dry jeans look new even after a few washes.
  • Frequency Matters
    How frequently do you clean your jeans? The more frequently you clean your jeans, the more the possibility is to fade away the color. So choose your frequency carefully. It is best to wash your jeans every 5/6 wear.

Washing jeans is heavy work. But it can be very easy if proper measures are taken. Nowadays, people are very concerned about their jeans. And there are many ways to clean them.

But if you do not know which way is better for what jeans it can be disastrous for you. But now that you know inside out about washing jeans, there’s nothing to worry about. Now all you have to do is, follow those above instructions. Happy jeans washing! 

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