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Summer Office Wear Men’s: Be Cool and Stylish in the Hot Summer Days


Women get various options for their office summer outfits. They easily go with fashion along with the professional look. But, what about men? Office, summer, and fashion, don’t go together easily for men. Where women get huge options, men only have dress shirts and pants.

What to do? Now you have to carry on with these few options for summer office wear men. Want to look fashionable on hot summer days with the professional work outfits? Try this guide.

A sunny day motivates us to work with full strength. But, in the summer, it’s really disgusting to work while sweating. Summer is a disaster itself. It ruins all the fashion and the mood for working. What to do? You still have to work on hot summer days. Let’s try to keep cool in the summer office wear men’s maintaining the fashion trend.

Although you guys don’t have plenty of options, this guide will surely help you choose the perfect outfits for summer office men’s wear. You’ll be able to maintain the professional look with style. What and how to wear men’s summer clothes for office? Don’t worry. Just go through it.

Men’s Dress Shirt: the Best Option for Summer Office Wear Mens

Shirts, especially dress shirts are the most common compulsory option for men’s clothes for any type of occasion. Now, you may ask what the difference between shirts and dress shirts is.

There is no particular difference nowadays. But dress shirt will be perfect and more comfortable for your professional work outfits. They will certainly make you look smarter and more stylish and professional as well.

Let’s see how to choose perfect dress shirts as men’s summer shirts for the office.

  • A Stiff Collar 

Choose your dress shirts with a stiff collar. You will look smarter wearing these shirts. And you can easily avoid a button down collar with a stiff collar dress shirts.

  • Long Sleeves

The best way to find a dress shirt is its long sleeve. But not just any simple long sleeves. Its sleeves must be of full length with stiff cuffs. These stiff cuffs are for holding the sleeve shape nicely. Make sure your dress shirt has full-length sleeves with stiff cuffs.

mens summer shirts
  • Material

It’s always important to check the materials of the dress shirt. The high-quality of the dress shirt makes it preferable as men’s summer shirts for the office. The materials always matter. Actual dress shirts are made of materials with high-quality.

For the hot season, the material becomes more important. If your dress shirt is of low-quality, you won’t feel comfortable with it. So, be sure about the material before buying.

For the hot summer season, cotton is the best material. It will be perfectly comfortable. It’s such a natural fabric that will help you stay cool in the warmest weather at your office. This fabric can dry fast. So, your shirt won’t be sweaty for a long time.

You can also try a linen dress shirt. They will also keep you cool and make you feel breathable. But make sure you iron the shirt regularly before wearing it. Otherwise, it won’t look like professional work outfits.

You can also try a mixture of linen and cotton fabric for your dress shirt. It will be perfect casual clothes for men at the office for hot sweating weather. But never forget that your main target is to look professional while staying cool at your office. Never compromise with material quality.

  • Fabric Weaves

You must hear about fabric weave. Do you have any idea about weaves? If yes, it’s going to be easy to understand and choose the perfect one. If no, don’t worry. Here are some tips for you to choose a perfect woven shirt for men’s summer clothes for the office.

As perfect men’s summer shirts for the office, shirts with loose weave will be best. They will be breathable and keep you cool even during the hottest weather. You can find out easily whether a shirt has a loose weave or not. It’s very simple. A shirt with loose weave will feel light and semi-transparent when you hold it up. 

There are also other weaves you can try. Check them out.

  1. Pinpoint

Shirts with pinpoint weave hang better than the loose weave shirts. That’s because it’s a little heavier weave. But, it’s breathable also. You can try shirts with this type of weave.

2. End on End

Another comfortable weave for warmer weather is the end on end weave. Its softness and lightweight will make you feel comfortable and keep you cool. Two or more colors are used to create such a weave. It gives your dress shirt two-tone look.

3. Poplin/Broadcloth

A slightly lighter weave than pinpoint is poplin or broadcloth weave. It has high breathable quality. Its simple criss-cross pattern makes it lightweight with smoothness. You can try dress shirts with a poplin weave. They will be more comfortable in warmer weather.

  • Fitting and Size

You may think that men’s summer clothes should be of loose fitting. But you shouldn’t forget that you are at your office. Here, it’s more important to look professional. 

Baggy shirts will be perfect neither for your professional work outfits nor summer outfits. Even they will make you look scruffy. It uses unnecessary extra fabric which will make you feel warmer instead of keeping you cool.

Prefer slim fit dress shirts instead of baggy shirts. They will make you look professional and smarter. They will also be comfortable in the warmer weather. Slim fit dress shirts are perfect for men’s summer shirts for the office. Avoid both the loose fit and extremely tight fit shirts at the office.

  • Color

What color do you prefer for a formal shirt? White of course. White shirts are always preferred as professional work outfits. But nowadays, there are other options for colors of official summer outfits.

For men’s summer shirts, you can choose light colors. They will keep you cool and also help you maintain a formal look. No need to wear only white shirts anymore. You have options like light pink, light blue, peach, peach orange, grey, and lavender.

In the hot summer days, try to avoid dark colors for your shirts. They absorb heat and make you feel warmer. On the other hand, pale colors reflect the heat and keep you cool.

Tips to Wear a Dress Shirts in Summer Perfectly

You’ve already known what type of dress shirts you’re going to choose. Now, here are some tips for you to style your dress shirt. You can follow these tips or you can make your own style. Just remember that your comfort as important as to look professional. Your style with casual clothes for men must cope with your office environment.

  • Tucked In/Out

As casual clothes for men, you can go without tucking your shirt. But, when you are at your office, it’s better to wear a tucked shirt. It looks more professional. Tuck your shirt properly. If your office permits, only then you can go without tucking your shirt. But make sure your office permits such style. Otherwise, it can impact your carrier badly.

  • Sleeves

You already know that a perfect formal dress shirt contains full-length sleeves with stiff cuffs. It gives you a perfect smart look. But you can also open up their buttons and roll them up to the elbows. It will make a look of casual men’s summer clothes. But roll it down properly while you’re going to attend any meeting.

Summer Office Wear Mens

You can also wear a half sleeve shirt only if your office permits you. Otherwise, don’t take a chance.

  • Buttons
casual clothes for men

When you wear a tie, you should button your shirt all the way up. Without a tie, you can leave the top button undone which will make a look of casual clothes for men. Keeping undone a few more buttons will look more casual and be comfortable. But make sure you are not displaying your chest.

  • Pants

Jeans are casual clothes for men but not professional work outfits. You cannot wear jeans at your office. They are not for the professional look. You can wear a dress pant with a dress shirt. They are the best combination of formal or casual summer outfits. You can choose black, grey or navy dress pants.

men’s summer clothes

You can also pair chinos pant with a dress shirt. They are perfect men’s summer clothes for the office. You can get high-quality chinos pant from Olgyn with different colors like black, navy, grey, and khaki.

  • Jackets

You can also try jackets on your dress shirt to look smarter and more fashionable. You can try blazers, odd jackets or sport coats of grey, black or navy color. They will be comfortable. There are also suits for your official attire. But they can be a little uncomfortable in the summer.

professional work outfits
  • Shoes

Loafers will match with your summer casual office look perfectly. Or you can try a pair of light trainers. Both of them will be comfortable in the summer.

Final Words

Working at the office during the summer with fully dressed is always uncomfortable and annoying. But, there’s nothing to do. The only thing you can do is wear such outfits that will absorb the sweat and help you stay dry and cool. Then you will be able to fully concentrate on your work. Just follow the steps and choose the perfect combination and style for you. Hope this guide is going to help you.


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