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Recognize The Best Selling WordPress Theme for 2019


As a beginner in the website development industry, you can easily underestimate the necessity of choosing the right WordPress template. Picking the best WordPress theme is not an easy task for any beginner. WordPress theme built websites can offer so many features that you cannot really imagine if you are not a big fan of WP. So, you need to be a bit more enthusiastic about that topic and start looking out for good WordPress themes. Right now, to be very honest, you have tons of options to choose the best selling WordPress theme for your website.  Each of these themes has their categories. You have to choose according to your work purpose. Here, we are going to offer some tips and fundamental thing to look for buying the best WordPress theme.

Why do you need the best selling WordPress theme?

Recently WordPress is the most potent part of any website. It can be used to create any sites. Mainly the prosperity of a website as well as the business depends on the facilities offered by WordPress. And different types of markets need a different kind of website in addition to WordPress. Suppose, you going to sell a beauty product. But you choose a different WordPress theme for the website. Just think, what will happen next. Your product will remain in the box. No one will ever try to visit your site. So, you need a relevant and the best selling WordPress theme and WordPress template for your website.

How to choose the best selling WordPress theme?

We will offer you some tips or things to look for before deciding on the best selling WordPress theme here. They are:

    • Simplicity: You can find a lot of WordPress themes with a lot of uncomfortable features. For example, most of them have many color combinations, different designs, useless animations, and many other unnecessary facilities. For the first case, you can find them handy options for your WordPress theme. After using some days, you will see how often use them. So, find a WordPress theme which is useful as well as simple for the website. Complex themes may seem great to look at, but, they may appear very
    • Responsive themes: Choose a very responsive theme. That will adjust the full layout with different size and regulation with either device in the world. Choose a mobile-friendly WordPress theme for your website. Google always shows them on top in case of the search results. It can increase the 50% of the total traffic of your site. Most of the best selling WordPress theme has this option by default. You need to check it before using it for your website. Recently you can find a lot of mobile-friendly WordPress themes.

ThemeForest best selling themes

  • Compatibility of Browsers: It is not possible for you to know the name or type of your user’s browser. It can be different according to the country regions and the variety of works. So, you must need a WordPress theme which will give access to any browser. If you choose a standard browser, the outlook or the layout of the website may differ from your expected one. So before getting a WordPress theme, run some test with various kinds of the browser. Apparently, that is the most evident way to get rid of it. So, make it count and test carefully. You can run these necessary tests by using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Dolphin, default, Internet Explorer, mobile browser, etc.
  • Plugins: Plugins are the most important for any website. You can do anything by getting some useful plugins. But, you cannot think a good WordPress theme without some available plugins. Such as W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms and many more. During the time of testing be careful about your WordPress theme to have all the favorite Plugins. Sometimes you can find them hidden. Then your job is to ask the developer who built it. They can give you the correct information about the Plugins of the theme.
  • Multilingual facilities: You can find a lot of WordPress website which supports only one or a few languages. Making a website just in English is not good enough. You must have the multilingual facilities on your website. If you already have a site in English, then create a scope of making it multilingual. Always keep a way of the fast translation process in the WordPress theme. Be careful about making the process as fast as possible.
  • Page Builders plugin: Page builders are the most effective and most efficient plugins in the WordPress theme. With the help of Page builders, you can find an opportunity to make page layouts by using the user interface of drag and drop. Mainly a lot of theme doesn’t have this option. Only some premium WordPress themes have this plugin as pre-installed. Typically, you can hardly find a way to use it. The developers only use most of them. Regular theme avoids it just because of giving extra effort in coding and extra clean up maintains. You can also buy it separately while working with WordPress.
  • User Support facilities: User support option can add some additional cost to your website. But they have considerable benefits in the long run process. Most of the free themes don’t have this option. Some premium themes have this outstanding option to fix the most sensitive problems with your site. But recently there are some primary themes which offer the customers, or the user supports for the free themes. But, don’t worry, if you don’t have it. Still, you can do your job by hiring a third-party developer for your website. Get proper documentation and an email based support system.
  • SEO friendly themes: Your site’s performance depends on the efficiency of search engines. The beautiful theme can seem better, but without SEO it becomes useless. It plays a very crucial part in the progress of your website. SEO is the best option for getting something quickly. Before buying a theme get their free version and analyze them for the SEO option. Have a look at their source code and find SEO. It can be harder for the beginners, but you can take help from YouTube. Do not underestimate the SEO while choosing the best selling WordPress theme.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Now it is to talk about the quality of a WordPress theme. So, how can you judge them? The only answer is reviews and ratings. Here you can find the problems and the advantages of using a significant theme. Many users share their opinion and experience here. Always keep an eye on the stars. These stars are given by the real users only. You can trust the stars of a theme. Some of these users can provide a lot of suggestions for getting the best selling WordPress theme.

What About Premium WordPress Themes?

For a better looking professional website, you must need a premium WordPress theme. It can change the whole outlook of your website traffic. Here, we are going to show you some high-quality premium WordPress themes. They are:

1.  Salient

When all you need is a beautiful theme with plenty of customization option, Salient is the one with sheer perfection. This very theme is compatible with IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. With more than 525+ short-codes and configuration option, this them is can facilitate you with unparalleled icon collection, unlimited colors and possibilities, advance typography and many more. It is being said that Salient is not just a theme, it is a complete website design and development package for everybody.

Best Selling WordPress Theme


2. Tribe Coach

Being developed just one year ago, the Tribe Coach has been able to catch a decent number of website developer who always likes a straightforward job. If you are looking for an all-around WordPress theme to build your e-commerce website or a blog site, this very theme can facilitate you more than any other premium WordPress themes. This extremely responsive theme is compatible with IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. Another exciting thing to watch out for in this theme is that it is filled with 600+ Google fonts.

WordPress template


3. Brooklyn

It is time to look out for the big guns. Brooklyn is one of the best-selling premium WordPress theme for the last few years. If you are searching for a WordPress theme that can give your website a compact professional appearance, then Brooklyn can come very handy to you. It has more than 41 pre-built website option. All you have to do is drag them down and launch your site. It has a powerful admin panel, easy portfolio management and many more.

WordPress template


4. Bridge

Well, enough talk is being talked about the professional website or e-commerce website. Let’s now focus on some creativity. As per research, the audience tends to stay in those kinds of websites that reflect creativity. In terms of designing a website for any sort of Digital Agency, or Creative Company, the Bridge is one of the finest choices. It has the “X” factors like Complete Magazine Functionality, Complete Listing Functionality, tons of features, and more. Like other premium themes, it is compatible to IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge.



5. Enfold

If you wish to build a professional blog site or an online newspaper, Enfold is our top-most recommendation. Why? Because it always provides the most amazing updates earlier than any other premium themes and those updates are faster as well. What would you need more from a WordPress theme? It is easy to setup and straightforward to manage.

Best WordPress themes 2018


Best WordPress themes 2018

Premium themes are the best, but when you think about the amount of money spending, you will feel more and more about getting the free one. So, Premium themes are not the best selling WordPress themes. Everyone will rush for them which offer almost the same facilities as premium themes. Here, we will point out the names of the Best WordPress themes 2018.



There are a considerable number of free and premium themes on the internet. It’s not possible to research all of them. But studying a lot of themes can give you your desired item. So, always research and browse more to get ideas. We have tried to suggest to you shortly about some beautiful and handy themes here. If you need any help with choosing the best selling WordPress theme, you can ask anytime.

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