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Best Oxford Shoes Review: Wear Shoes in Style

Best Oxford Shoes Review

Many of you already know how oxford shoes are one of the classic fashion items of all time. They are reliable for every occasion for men. Before Oxford shoes were made only from leather. Now the scenarios have changed, you’ll find oxford shoes made from many different materials such as faux, suede, canvas and many more.

Not only they are comfortable, but they also have an elegant look. Want to look stunning in offices or formal occasions? Don’t worry; oxford shoes will always have your back. They are the definition of smart shoes. However, with this much popularity, many brands now feature oxford shoes. 

But not every one of them has the highest level of quality you deserve. That’s why this best oxford shoes review guide is dedicated to those gentlemen who want to look their best!

Let’s get started! 

Best Oxford Shoes Review: Elegance at Its Best

  1. Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe

Are you looking for men’s oxfords? Then look no further because Clarks oxford shoes are here to help you out. This footwear was made to have a higher level of functionality with a comfortable feel. It offers Ortholite insoles, the classy oxford style with a TPR sole.

So, combining everything you get a traditional look that’s best suited for any formal occasion. Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoes comes in three different colors – Dark tan, Wine and Black.

best oxford shoes review

The Tilden cap is what everyone should be looking forward to. Stitching pattern of the cap toe and the closed heel formation gives it a slick look. Obviously, the lacing is closed. The heel is padded and lined. Not to mention the insole, it ensures that your feet keep dry all day long without any bad smell.

Clarks Men’s Tilden leather shoes for men can genuinely be one of the greatest ones in the market. It also comes in various sizes, so you don’t have to worry about not getting the correct size. However, they did make some changes in their traditional look.

To ensure that you have full flexibility while walking the quarters are attached to the vamp and have a slight cut to give it more room. In the end, if you are looking for a combination of value and quality, then this just might be the best oxford shoe for you.

2. Cole Haan’s Original Grand Shortwing Oxford Shoe

This is another one of the best oxford shoes for men on the market. Cole Haan has been around from 1928 – A very long time in the field. So, when they offer a product for their customers, you can expect them to be of excellent quality. 

For satisfying your need for oxford shoes, Cole Haan brings their Original Grand Shortwing Oxford Shoe. Want to know how they describe this shoe? According to them, this shoe has the perfect combination of dapper and classic being rich in texture and color.

You should definitely look into this shoe if you love versatility, flexibility, and comfort all together. You’ll surely won’t be draining your bank account with this one.

oxford shoes review

Another one of the best features of this shoe is that it has a wide range of colors and textures. You’ll be simply mesmerized. They include – Black, Blazer Blue, Chestnut, Dogwood, Java, Gray Wool, Marine Blue, Sulphur Spring, Sandshell, Sunglow, and many more. 

Even though they focus more on styling that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t offer comfort. All their shoes are cushioned and provides support for your feet. The best part is that they have a really robust build so that they would go a very long way. They surely have a lot of best oxford shoes review of all time.

With all the style range and color you can select shoes for casual wear or even formal outing or office work.

3. Stacy Adams Dickinson Cap-Toe Lace-up Oxford Shoe

Do you want a royal feel? Then your wait is over. With Stacy Adams Dickinson Cap-Toe Lace-up Oxford Shoe you would feel the 1920’s king style for sure. The company has been around for quite some now actually, since 1875. So, when Stacy’s bring out a new shoe in town for men, you know you can trust them.

These brown dress shoes are to die for and perfect for any formal occasion. It doesn’t matter for what occasion you want to try these out as they will always give you that timeless fashion vibe.

oxford shoes review

It also comes with memory foam as an insole which will give you extreme comfort while wearing it throughout the day. Also, the hidden eyelet lacing will keep your foot right where it should be. This kind of design makes this shoe really breathable that keeps everything dry and clean.

The oxford shoe comes in two shades – Black and Cognac. Also, the brogue cap toe gives it a sharp yet elegant look. So, Stacy Adams is one of the best shoe brands for men.

4. La Milano Men’s Oxfords Classic Round Captoe Shoes

Another one of the best oxford shoes brand is La Milano. For you, they brought La Milano Men’s Oxfords Classic Round Captoe Shoes. Many of you love a round cap toe structure of shoes and to fulfill that need you will get the best of both worlds. 

The show is made of cow leather and is extremely comfortable to wear. The design is quite simple, but they are just in-line with the traditional oxford look. This shoes lining are made of synthetics with a comfortable insole to keep you going all day long.

best oxford shoes review

This could be your everyday wear at the office easily. The heels are stacked, and all the shoes come in hand burnished leather. Even though the pair is quite simple but the overall structure is quite robust. You can easily count on it for years without any need for switching up pairs.

These come in many shades such as – Black, Burgundy, and Cognac. However, there are some different designs available for the same type of shoes. They have three total designs named – Splendo-1, Splendo-2, and Splendo-3.

5. Mio Marino Men’s Leather Oxford Shoes

Don’t you think that it’s high time for you to ditch that old men’s dress shoe? Why don’t you take a look at Mio Marino Men’s Leather Oxford Shoes instead? If style is all your demand, then Mio Marino is at your service.

These comfortable oxford shoes for men’s comes with a classy tapered toe design that looks and feels awesome. Mio Marino has much positive feedback from their customers with, all loving the shoes to the core.

best oxford shoes review

These leather shoes offer a cushioned insole with leather lining, not compromising any of your comforts. It even offers non-slip grip pads with 1-inch rubber heel. The blind eyelet ensures that your feet don’t feel congested and gets air to breathe.

The best part about this shoe is the awesome design variations with colors. It comes with plain toe, Wingtip and Cap toe with shades of Black, Burnt Sienna, Cabernet, and Umber. Another additional plus point is that all their shoes come in a waterproof travel bag so that you can keep your shoes safe on the go!

6. Dockers Men’s Endow Leather Oxford Shoe

This one is another one of the most comfortable oxford shoes in the market. These oxford shoes come with a contemporary silhouette and are ideal for work days. They are also suitable for any slack dress style to give a more fashionable look.

What more? Dockers Men’s Endow Leather Oxford Shoe can be a great option for casual looks too! Every single shoe is made of polished full grain leather, and the design is simple. It offers a squared toe structure with padded collars for extra comfort.

best oxford shoes review

The rubber outsoles are quite durable so that you can depend on them for years. Not to mention they have three major shades to choose from – Black, Tan and Tan Burnished. These shoes come in true sizes, unlike most other brands where you have to buy a size small or high. So, for Dockers, you don’t have to worry about getting the sizing wrong.

7. Dream Pairs Bruno Marc Moda Oxford Shoes

Bruno Marc Moda Oxford Shoes comes with a synthetic sole. The shoe comes in a wooden heel, synthetic leather upper and rubber outsole which is non-skid. 

The wooden heel has a height of 1′, just the perfect size. However, every piece do comes with a premium quality faux leather lining. For your comfort zone, you’ll get latex cushioned insole that will keep your feet nice and cozy.

best oxford shoes review

This model does offer a different type of styles according to your taste. The prince-3 style comes with wingtips along with brown, black and dark brown shades. Other styles such as Prince-5 is a bit on the simpler side for patterns offering the same three shades, and the prince-6 doesn’t have any patterns.

So, you get a lot of choices before you make the final call. In the ends, these shoes do offer a mix combination of value and price, that’s why you should definitely check them out.


These are the top 7 best oxford shoes review for men. Every single pair offers the classic oxford vibe with a hint of style. They are definitely the best men’s dress shoes in 2018, and every single style is evergreen. So, if you are a man that likes to show off now and then, pick the one you want the most.

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